Camel feast in Bulgan (100km from Dalanzagad, Gobi desert) will be on 6th and 7th March Before this event will be on Kosgol lake the Ice festival (2nd and 3rd March), then in UB a mini eagle festival (5th March (information

Getting there : the camel festival starts around noon of the 1st day to permit to tourists to arrive by plane from UB.
From Dalanzagad no regular busses to Bulgan. You must ask on market if a vehicle can drive you to this small village, or you can pay for a whole taxi. Ask for Bulgan Sum, it will have a sign on the window saying Булган. This will be same problem for the return.
UB- Dalanzagad by bus: around 14 hours trip, the bus arrives at evening and you will have to sleep on Dalanzagad before to leave for Bulgan. From UB for Dalazagad run twice a day a bus.

Accomodation in Bulgan : the village is small and so difficult to find hotel. You can ask to local people or to the tourist camp (15-20km far) or contact (English) The local gers open for tourists during the festival will all be taken by the tour companies. We recommend arriving having booking!

Food : the small guantz is open only during summer! You can find some small shops where is possible to buy basic food.

Weather : March is still a cold month and temperature are negative night and day (average -20 night and -5 day). You must have warm clothes and a real good sleeping bag. The cold is dry and when not, windy you can enjoy this climate. Across Gobi Desert full of snow and ice is an unforgeable experience (according years Gobi desert can have more or less snow, can be more or less cold and can be easy to go or not)

Camel feast 1day and half with different competitions and race. You can bet on camel races. Prices to the winners are given at the end of the second day. You have an excellent contact with local people and the best is to arrive one day before the competition and if possible, to have own vehicle as difficult to find a hotel and to move. Entrance: 50$ (2012) per person, the fee will help Bactrian camel race, this help a lot the local community.



Film camel race Gobi desert

Film spot of camel feast in Gobi