Naadam: you MUST attend. Takes place every year from July 11-13. On the 1st day, at 10 a.m. to the sound of drums, the parade of soldiers in uniform from centuries past perched on splendid horses marks the start of the festivities in the grand stadium. The wrestling begins after the military parade: a majestic spectacle even slow and you are far from the wrestlers (take away binoculars) Archery takes place in the small stadium 100 m away from the big stadium and there we can meet the archers. The horse races are reserved for children from 5 to 12 years old who launch themselves alone in the steppe for frantic races of 25 to 30 km under the admiring, but never anxious look of the fathers and the winner will be crowned golden lion. The races take place> 10 km from the city center. There are several races during the Naadam as there are several wrestling and archery competitions. If your time is limited, you can attend the 3 games in one day at UB because the 13.07 takes place around UB a Naadam where you can attend the 3 games.

Mejet can also book tickets for the opening ceremony ( or you can buy them at U.B. the same day or in advance, go there very early because unnumbered places and take binoculars to see the wrestling.

During the summer there are very interesting little Naadan on various dates. eg Kharakorim has a Naadam which takes place around July 7-8. In the capitals of aimags Nadaam takes place, in principle, as at UB on July 11. In the steppe the Naadaam change places and dates each year, but you can find them during July and sometimes also in August! Your driver, if contacted in advance, will be able to give you dates, although often improvised at the last minute.