From 2009 ice festival in Khatgal is on 2nd and 3th March ; on 6th and 7th March is camel festival in Bulgan (Gobi) and small eagle festival in UB on March 5th

Getting there ? Bus from UB , change in Moron, 2 days trip, rent a jeep with driver. The road from UB to Khagal is very good bur need 2 days trip.

Accomodation in Katgal : on summer many tourist camps and hotel in the village of Khagal and also around the lake, during ice festival 90% are closed and are reserved by Mongolian arriving from UB or others towns to assist to ice festival. We recommend to not arrive without having booked a hotel. contact to help you.

Restaurant : almost all restaurants aren’t open during ice festival ! you will find many super markets. On the place of the ice festival you will find small restaurants selling Mongolian food.

Weather: March is still a cold month and temperature are negative night and day (average -20 night and -5 day). You must have warm clothes and a real good sleeping bag. The cold is dry and when not, windy you can enjoy this climate. Across a part of the iced lake by car and sledge is wonderful.

The feast: 2 days feast. arriving day before is interesting to go with sledge on the lake before the crowd arrives, see the ice sculptors finish their work.... During the Festival a lot of animation and games which the Mongols indulge with joy. Very few tourists! the feast takes place on the frozen lake a few kilometers from the center of Khatgal, need a vehicle to get there..


film about ice festival in Kvosgol lake (only French version)