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For those bikers doing the cross Asia route, Mongolia is just one country on the route.
It is a straight forward procedure to enter Mongolia with your bike, as long as your bike paper documentation are in order. There is no need for a "Carnet" (special passport like document for vehicles). There are no limitation on where you may ride in Mongolia. You are not required to obtain a local driver licence as long as you have an International driver licence from you home country.
If there is a long line of vehicles at the border crossing, it might take a long day to get through, the process is slow.
Distances from Ulaanbaatar:
To the south - to China about 750Km (only about a third of the road is paved)
To the north - to Russia about 350Km (Paved through, parts of the road need repairs)
To the west - to the Altai mountains about 1100Km (most of the road is not paved)


A few tour operators offer mountain bike rides in various regions of Mongolia.
Some adventurous bike riders choose to cross between China and Russia through Mongolia.
The most popular route is the central route.Other routes going north from Ulaanbaatar,
or taking the northern route to west Mongolia.
The southern part between Ulaanbaatar and China passes through the Gobi desert.
The northern route passes through mountains and lakes.
The central route passes through Karakorum, the old capital of Genghis Khan.

The routes are only partly paved roads - mainly around Ulaanbaatar, near border crossings, and when crossing through settlement.
The route going north south has more paved (tarmac) parts than the other routes.
The steppe offers plenty of nice camping sites,and you can always refresh at the settlements along the way.

The market for tourist bike rent (cycling), is yet to be developed. The following options are available.

Short rides
First ask at your guest house, some have a few bikes for rent or know how to arrange one for you. Ask also at Seven-Summits on peace road opposite the central post office, if they don't have a group out with their bikes they might have a few for rent. They charge $25 per day, down to $19 per day for 5 days and more (price 2011); available equipment for rent,bikers agree to say this shop expensive, have a look on their website for rpice and equipement to rent or buy.

Bike tours
There are a few tour operators who offer organized mountain bike tours.
These tours are great, not cheap, and they come with a support vehicle, a field kitchen, tents, and guides.

Cross country
Those that do cross country come with good bikes from home, with spare parts, bike panniers or a Bob cart for luggage, maps, GPS etc.

Buying a bike
In rare occasions a tourist will sell a bike. There are a few local bike shops, and you can look around in the black market for a second hand bike.

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